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  • high precision
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  • irregular and unmanageable
  • perfect conformity
  • strong stability

Product Details

It is not surprising that a magnet can hold iron objects such as pushpins and paper clips, but you will be surprised when a piece of plastic can also hold iron nails.

This is a real organic magnetic body, its composition has more than three-quarters of carbon and hydrogen, and can be dissolved in organic matter. When it is fully magnetized, its magnetization is roughly the same as that of ferrous materials.

The reason why this kind of plastic magnet can produce magnetism at ultra-low temperature is that the spontaneous orientation of the electron spin in the body is the same at the ultra-low temperature. Take the crystalline ferromagnetic substance made of two different types of molecules of ferrocene and tetracyanoethylene as an example. The ferrocene molecule (donor) transfers an electron to the tetracyanoethylene molecule (acceptor) so that each Yuan has an unpaired electron. It is like iron atoms. When they (unpaired electrons) are oriented in their respective spin directions, they tend to exhibit magnetic effects.

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