Ferrite Cutting Magnet(Wet-press)

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Ferrite Cutting Magnet(Wet-press) / Ferrite Cutting Magnet(Wet-press) / Ferrite Cutting Magnet(Wet-press)

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  • high precision
  • high performance
  • irregular and unmanageable
  • perfect conformity
  • strong stability

Product Details

Ferrite cutting magnets are made by cutting block rough embryos. The main material is strontium-based (Sr) ferrite (Fe2O3). The forming time is longer, but the density is higher. Theoretically, the rough embryos of the block material are more The bigger the better, but due to the pressure limitation of the machine itself and the consideration of yield improvement, the largest material specification is L220xW150x25.4mmT. The ferrite permanent magnet itself can only process its outer diameter and thickness, but it cannot be divided. If it is divided, its original performance will change and weak magnetic phenomenon will occur. The outer diameter and thickness are mostly processed by water milling. The appearance will change, but the original shape will not change.

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